Tell me a little about yourself. How did you get your started as a Designer? Did you have any formal training or are you a self taught?

My interest in making things really started when I was little boy. I always wanted to
create something out of materials that “weren’t supposed to go together”, and I always wanted to make ugly things beautiful. Needless to say I was the kid with the rock polisher. ☺ This grew into me wanting to learn how to sew, and my grandmother was there to help. She showed me some of the basics, and I also took some classes at a local Michael’s craft store. So, no formal training, but little did I know those classes were the beginning of it all. My launch into being a designer came with my first line that was shown at a spring runway event in Greenville in 2007. I made the clothes from a ton of vintage pieces that I had deconstructed and remade the way I wanted them, but the collection was not the most cohesive. However, this show did get me enough exposure to start receiving clients for styling.

Do you think going to Design school would be important to excel in the business later on?

I do think it is very important to have formal training. You just don’t learn some of the basics and some of the techniques by yourself that can be taught in the classroom. Also, I still to this day do not know how to use a pattern. Instead, I have to drape all of my looks. This not only makes my job harder, but also limits my style. Did you always want to be a Designer or did stumble into it? Did you begin working with a company? When did your freelance career begin? A3: I did not always want to be a designer, and to be honest I still do not ultimately want to be one. I stumbled into the art and love it, and I am also very passionate about it. However, I see myself in more of the styling field than any other. There is just something about creating a moment for someone that makes my world all the more bright! Also, I love the feeling of coordinating pieces rather than stressing about constructing them. I did not begin with a company, but instead I actually created my own styling firm. I have styled several radio personalities for award events, and multiple clients for philanthropy events and just everyday wardrobe. Now, I really want to move even farther, but I guess we will have to see what the next step in my business it.

Who or what inspired you to become a designer?

I can’t say that anyone inspired me to become a designer. I truly believe to succeed you need to hack your own path through the industry and not follow anyone else’s lead. However, what inspires me as a designer is always vintage clothing, and antiques. My saying is and always will be “Vintage is Life.”

What are your biggest challenges?

Financial help. It is always best to try and get support, or sponsors for events. I’ve learned the hard way that you can make good money from events, but you can also lose exponentially more.


There are always people out there that are either going to be jealous or try to steal your ideas. I have had many situations where both have been a problem, but you just have to move past it. If someone steals an idea of yours then you simply have to execute it better! You have to promote your original idea more, and you have to get it to the masses FIRST!

How do you work? What is your process?

I actually start with the music. I usually find a song that I connect with creatively and emotionally then use all other sources of inspiration to build on the idea that I have initially felt. From there I sketch, drape, cut and build the look.

For styling it’s a bit different. With photo shoots the process is similar, but instead of constructing the garment there is more research and time put into finding the best looks for the story. However, with clients it is really all about getting to know the person. You really need to know the personality before you can ever match it with a style.

What other projects are you working on?

I am working on several projects for this fall. I am currently working on starting a chapter of Campus Style for USC, which is a blog about the actual style that is in Columbia rather than your typical Greek Village nonsense. Some of my clothing line will be featured in the January issue of Mozelle Mozelle, and I preparing some garments to walk in their first ever fashion event.

I am also working on several shoots concepts including a video shoot that will be shown with launch of this fall.

Do you have any website(s) you would like me to link to from this interview?