Spring Summer Collections at New York Fashion Week:

Ports 1961 Sprig Summer Collection

Guli Sprig Summer Collection

Fashion School Daily, School of Fashion Blog at Academy of Art University » Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011

Jungah Lee, MFA in Fashion Design:
Jungah used the faded colors of antique books as inspiration for the hand dyeing and painting of her latex and silk fabrics. (source Media release of the Art institute)

Cara Chiappetta, MFA in Fashion Design:
Cara uses rubber, silk, mesh, wool and nylon influenced garment details, manipulations and bonding techniques. Bridget Fonda’s character Nina in the film “The Point of No Return” became her muse. (source Media release of the Art institute)

Louie Liewellyn, MFA in Men’s Wear Design and Xiang Zhang, MFA in Knitwear Design:
Louie used the theme of a disagreement between hard and soft men’s wear silhouette. He used one of his favorite paintings , Incision by Jay Defeo, for color inspiration and selected fabrics to evoke a feeling of strength and desire. Xiang designed the knitwear for the collection. Each piece took approximatly 50 hours to finish. (source Media release of the Art institute)

Print Collaboration:
A group of Technical Design, Fashion Design and Textile Design students.
Lindsey Gong, Jackie Nguyen, Anasa Greaves, Han Yoon, Emma Erickson, Ruby Guerra, Gabrielle Cols, Yi-Hui Wen, Amanda Carrillo, Chanchai Tanapornwattana, Jennifer Chen, Sarah Appiah, Jennifer Filo, Adriane Lauren Hueso and Leah Rossi (source Media release of the Art institute)

April Howard, MFA in Fashion Design:
April was inspired by the work of found objects sculptor Kathy Kelly, the decaying concrete and plastic of an urban wasteland, and Cormac Mc Carthy’s novel “The Road. (source Media release of the Art institute)

Camilla Olson, MFA in Fashion Design:
Inspired by the movie “Blade Runner” and samurai arts, Camilla’s collection represents women as rebels breaking the restriction of their historically constrained roles. The soft silk under-dresses represent a woman’s inner nature and outer ‘cage’ is her strength and armor. (source Media release of the Art institute)

Maria Korovilas, MFA in Fashion Design:

The starting point of Maria’s inspiration was the Jenny Lewis song “You Are What You Love” from which she pulled visual and conceptual references for her moody collection. The hand beading took over 600 hours to complete. (source Media release of the Art institute)