to see more of his work go to: Fashion photographer Richard Warren

How long have you been a photographer?

When I was ten years old my parents gave me a toy darkroom kit for Christmas. I was fascinated with the magic of images appearing under amber lights and at age of fifteen I decided to devote a lifetime to the art of photography.

First as a student then finally as a fashion photographer, the journey of photography has led me to many places through many visual concepts. The fashion work is exciting and lucrative, and for a time it was my only art. Recently I have become interested in art that will pass the test of time. As fashion trends come and go, a 1921 Edward Weston photograph of a Bell Pepper will remain a classic image, lending immortality to both the photographer and the photograph.

What brought you into the field?

My best friend and I were studying photography together. Through a family contact he worked as an assistant for a local modeling agency. He was doing all the darkroom work and brought some prints for me to look at. I guess I was bot fascinated and also jealous of my friend as we were very competitive. In short in looked glamorous and I was hooked !

What is your primary income stream?

Repeat clients in the intimate apparel trade and fashion catalog.

How long did it take you to establish your position as fashion photographer?

Ten years. Five years assisting then 5 years globe trotting and getting published in different countries.

What do you believe have been the key factors in your success?

Hard work, lots of luck and I followed the traditional formula of apprenticing then working for fashion magazines to build my vision.

Have you altered your career trajectory along the way? If yes, how often and why?

Yes when I had kids I was traveling too much and I stopped shooting fashion for about 6 years. I worked for shelter magazines shooting gardens. I am a much better photographer for doing it so no regrets.

What advice would you offer a photographer interested in pursuing your career type?

The best advice I received was from a photographer named Douglas Kirkland. “Do what ever you can to make money and survive but always have a personal project”.

You will be remembered for your personal photos and not by how much money you made.

to see more of his work go to: Fashion photographer Richard Warren